About us:

Keene’s Pool Maintenance is a second generation pool repair and cleaning company serving Kern County. We specialize in high end pool maintenance for todays most modern pools. Whether your pool is traditional or extreme, our team specializes in the pool care and maintenance you’ll need to keep it looking its best.



Keeping your pool picture perfect!
A fresh, sparkling pool is a delight! Our CPO certified staff can help you balance your water chemistry to not only keep you and your family safe, but prolong the life of your pool equipment. We provide expert advice, the latest information on chemicals and ways to reduce their use. We are a full service Pool Cleaner Bakersfield CA.

Filter Cleaning:

To keep your filter in top condition, a Keene’s Pool professional technician will replace the sand, inspect and clean DE filter grids, or clean cartridge elements to restore the filter to maximum cleaning capacity.

Salt Cell Cleaning:

We also offer salt water cleaning!
A salt chlorination system can save time and money on your chemical bills, but it still needs to be serviced from time to time. If your salt system shows Inspect Cell or Clean Cell, call Keene’s Pool so our service technician can correct the problem and restore it to its maximum efficiency. If you live in an area with high calcium levels, you may need to have your salt cells serviced even more often.


Acid Wash:

If you want to keep the finish of your plaster pool looking brand new, Keene’s Pool technicians can perform a professional acid wash to clean up any rough patches, or as it’s known in the industry build-up or scale, which prevents your pool from looking its best. Not to mention your swimsuit and the bottoms of your feet!

Modern house swimming pool night